Armed with a New York real estate license and nearly 50 years of experience, the Newgent Property Management team offers clients a comprehensive list of real estate management services. With our finger placed firmly on the pulse of the Manhattan area real estate market, we are able to act as a trusted and knowledgeable resource for all types of property investors. 

An exclusive service for our clients, our real estate management division allows you to effortlessly and seamlessly manage your local realty portfolio and keep on top of investments. We help you buy and sell properties within our management system and we can help you scout for new investment opportunities. 

For Buyers 

Helping you expand your portfolio without hassle, our real estate management team connects you with clients of ours looking to sell their real estate assets. You already know they’ll be managed well and it’s likely you’re already familiar with the property, so the entire process is simplified. We manage a wide variety of residential properties like condos and co-ops and can connect you with the properties that suit your investment strategies long before they are ever listed. 

For Sellers

Every day, we work with the Manhattan areas most prominent and well-connected property investors. We know what they are looking for and know how your property could complement their needs. At Newgent Property Management, we understand the most minute details of real estate and what makes a property valuable to investors. Our licensed agents ensure a profitable and quick sale before your property is ever listed. 

Find out why working with property management companies to buy or sell your income property makes financial sense by contacting the Newgent Property Management team now.