At Newgent Property Management in Manhattan, our compliance division is dedicated to providing proactive solutions for New York’s numerous local laws and regulatory agencies. We help each of our clients carefully monitor their compliance measures in order to nip any compliance issues in the bud before they have the chance to start. We strive to provide the best commercial and residential property management services in New York, and that means keeping your property safe and up to code. We know that laws are ever-changing and difficult to keep up with, but don’t worry — our team is well-equipped to adapt to any coding and compliance law changes. Don’t risk an unsafe and out-of-compliance property, let our property management company, Newgent Property Management, take care of your compliance needs today.

Elevator Inspections (CAT 1 & 5)

HPD Registration

Facade Inspections LL11

Backflow Prevention Devices

Energy Benchmarking LL84/87

BO9 – BO 13 Local Law LL 62/91

Annual Notices

FDNY Sprinkler Inspections NFPA25 5YR

Water Tank Annual Cleaning HVAC