Recon (May 21-24, 2017)

Las Vegas Convention Center & Westgate Hotel

Watch your In-come become your “Ex-come”

Scrooge McDuck isn’t very likable. Honestly, he’s stingy and will do anything to save a dollar. Right? What we’ve seen owners do time and again is horde all the income from their properties and then wonder why they have HPD violations. Or a major boiler problem. Or an elevator malfunction.…

Unraveling the Deemed Lease


Common reasons that owners hire a property management company usually center around property upkeep, maintenance, and rent collection. As an owner, you might be concerned about filling vacant units or making sure that snow is removed. Now, here is the big question…how often do you think about the legal matters…

Choosing the Right NYC Property Management Company


About a year ago, we got a panicked and desperate call from John, the co-op board president of an 87-unit New York City property. We had a hard time believing what he told us, but after a bit of research, what we found was shocking. Hopefully your property isn’t in…

The Disciplined Approach to Property Management


Property management is actually a science, and choosing the right property management company (especially here in New York City) can mean the difference between owing or owning the bank. Your goal is to watch your investment grow, right? Then why treat your property as anything less than an investment? Keep…

Local law 11/98


Did you know that New York City Local Law 11/98 requires owners of buildings in excess of six stories have their exterior walls inspected every five years by a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI)? The findings must be reported to the Department of Buildings (DOB) within 60 days of the…