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How Newgent Property Management Benefits Owners and Board Members in New York City

31 May 2017

Welcome to Manhattan’s Coop and Condo Expo, where the Newgent Property Management team is listening to the concerns of some of the board members and building owners who are in attendance. We’re taking this opportunity to introduce ourselves and talk about some of our services.

Choosing a Property Management Company

Jessica Anderson, the head of our office operations, recommends that a board member or building owner looking for a New York City property management company gather as much information as possible. Get ideas from everyone, and pick up as much information as you can. Then, organize that information and start making your phone calls. One of the things that makes Newgent stand out is integrity. We aren’t perfect, but integrity is important. We do our best for our buildings because we want them to succeed. That’s important. So, ask the questions. Know what you want from us, and we will meet those expectations.

Board Member Issues

Some of the biggest issues raised by board members are a lack of responsiveness or no communication from their management company. There’s also a bit of distrust when it comes to the handling of finances. These are the things board members aren’t happy about, and the topics that a good New York City property management company will address.

Vendor Partners

It’s important to partner with vendors like banks. At Newgent Property Management, we use Customers Bank, which is great and simple. They are different because they’re very hands-on with the day to day operations of the companies they work with. They know their clients, so if there’s an issue or a service that’s needed, we get one on one contact. Our banking needs are handled efficiently and we know Customers Bank takes pride in the fact that they are our bank and the ones we reach out to for all our banking needs.

Operational Concerns

How Newgent Property Management Benefits Owners and Board Members in New York CityChristian is our operations manager, and his main focus is building maintenance and local laws. The main issue that owners or board members have in this area is that their management companies don’t follow up on time, and they don’t always follow the laws. For example, there’s a cycle for façade and boilers, and those things need to be tracked.

These are some of the things we’re talking about, and if you have any questions about New York City property management, please contact us at Newgent Property Management.