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The Benefits of Working with Newgent Property Management in Yonkers, NY

3 May 2017

Newgent Property Management is a company providing property management in New York City. Today, we’re sharing a success story which explains one of the main benefits of working with us. When you need help with your properties in Yorkers and New York City, we can help you find solutions that get you closer to your financial goals.

Controlling Financials: An Example

We help owners retain control of their financials. One of our specialties is uncovering hidden money in your property. For example, one of our success stories was with a building in the Bronx. It was a 72-year-old co-op building with multiple financial challenges. There were a number of delinquent accounts, a lot of unpaid vendors, unfinished capital improvements, and no reserves to do anything – not even fix a broken toilet.

Property Management New York City: Experience and Technology

Using our best in class technologies, we took this property through our entire process, starting with a complete building evaluation. And, during the transition plan, we took the time to review each of their contracts. We successfully re-negotiated those contracts with vendors, and before too long we were able to stabilize the financials associated with the building. Banks are now willing to work with the owners again.

This whole process required close attention to detail and on-demand reporting. It’s what we do best, and why our clients are so successful when they begin working with us. During the entire process, we were careful to stay in compliance with all local laws, including the boiler and elevator inspections.

The Benefits of Working with Newgent Property Management in Yonkers NYOur core belief is that it’s important to provide owners with information and empower them to make good decisions. If this sounds like something you want for your property, you have a lot to gain by partnering with our team.

Please feel free to contact us at Newgent Property Management if you have any questions about how we can help you financially or if you need any help with New York City property management.